Nicky Meijer


Nicky Meijer is a consultant at GriDD. She is driven to support professionals and organizations with (complex) information issues and any form of personal development. With her background as an educational expert she is interested in everything that has to do with knowledge processes and learning, especially when new technologies can offer added value.

Nicky has a passion for visualizing ideas and stories; something she has been doing since childhood. She is convinced that the way to mutual understanding is found in making information explicit in an effective visual way. Her e-reader is everywhere she is, because she is an avid reader of all kinds of e-books. Also, Nicky loves gadgets, creating jewelry and cooking for friends.

Nicky is on maternity leave from November 1st, 2020 until March 1st, 2021. Any questions or remarks with regard to the CX Academy can be directed at Fleur Elise Muller or send to the team by e-mail.



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