Mark Geljon

Managing partner

Mark Geljon is managing partner and founder of GriDD. He has more than 15 years of experience in making people aware of information environments. He is driven by the will to make people more effective with information. Discovering the core of stories, making information comprehensible through appealing visuals and inspiring workshops are tools for this. Mark gets energy from comprehensible complex organization and information issues. In addition, he gets a lot of energy from coaching professionals (inside and outside GriDD).

Being director of GriDD, Mark offers the opportunity to build the ideal partner for clients and the best company to work for as an employee. In addition to his work, he has a great passion for the beauty of craft, technology and old workshops. He likes to enjoy the outdoors by going into the grounds with his Landrover and enjoying outdoor cooking.



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18/10/2017 in Business storytelling, Information architecture, Mark Geljon, Story design, Uncategorized

Story Architects unite!

For a number of years I have been thinking of initiating a community of Story Architects, to share insights, ideas and examples of great stories. To form a pact against bad stories and share…
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26/06/2017 in Business storytelling, Mark Geljon, Story design, Uncategorized

Impactful presentations – an infographic

Are you on stage soon, to speak at a seminar or want to use your personal influence in your organisation? In other words: do you want to create impactful presentations? The approach developed by…
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15/09/2016 in Mark Geljon, Story design

The power of visuals – Watch the video!

Visual content is one of the oldest types of content, but it is more important than ever. Images are an extremely powerful way of presenting information, much more powerful than other content types. To illustrate:…
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