Mark Geljon

Managing partner

Mark Geljon is founding partner and principal consultant at GriDD. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Customer Experience. He is driven by the will to connect management and workplace, and information and people. Discovering the core of strategies, translating them into stories, and holding inspiring workshops are his tools for this. Mark gets energy from solving the complex issues that are involved with making organizations truly customer oriented. He also gets a lot of energy from coaching professionals (within and outside GriDD).

Being director of GriDD, Mark offers the opportunity to build the ideal partner for clients and the best company to work for as an employee. In addition to his job, he has a great passion for the beauty of craft, technology and old workshops. He likes to enjoy the outdoors by going off-road with his Land rover and enjoying outdoor cooking.



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24/07/2020 in Customer experience, Digital Strategy, Mark Geljon

From Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Viable Audience

Developing new services is a process that many companies get stuck in. The main pitfall to overcome is the switch from a product focus to an audience focus. But how do you achieve that?…
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22/05/2020 in Customer experience, Digital Strategy, GriDD, Mark Geljon

Cracking CX: What are your tips & challenges?

What is your golden tip for a good CX? Or maybe you have an important challenge these days. Join our birthday promotion!
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16/03/2020 in Customer experience, Mark Geljon, Uncategorized

A new view on customer experience: 3 perspectives

In this blogpost Mark talks about the 3 essential Customer Experience perspectives and how you these will help you to design for consistency and value.
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