Customer experience design with business impact

A fantastic customer experience

We design fantastic customer experiences and effective organizations. By improving the experience of customers, we make customers, organizations and its employees happy, effective and loyal. And that has an impact on the operating result.

We improve digital and physical contact moments

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of all the experiences that your customer has with your product and the services around it. The customer often experiences your offer on different channels, which increasingly run from physical to digital. We identify essential contact moments in the customer’s journey and improve experience and effectiveness. In this way we create overview and concrete solutions, so that the needs of the customer go hand in hand with the services and products of the organization.

How do we do that?


Together we draw up a customer strategy. This is essential for achieving optimal customer relationships and lays the foundation for further research and optimization.


We examine the needs, pain points and gains. Involving stakeholders is the best way to collect input directly from the people who use your product or service.


We design with strategy and research in mind. With our expertise we ensure the optimal mix of information, functionality and experience at the most essential contact moments.

Our team

We are pragmatic professionals

The GriDD team consists of passionate people. We are experts in our field and have a background in science of people and technology. We all have a natural interest in everything related to information and how people deal with it. We are committed to making our contribution truly of value to our customer and his customers, and do this with great pleasure!


Humor in CX-uitgelicht

The fun of humor in customer experience

What does humor do for your customer experience? And how can you use humor to give your customer that surprising experience? In this article Laura shares tips and insights about the use of humor for a good customer experience.
Laura van 't Hul