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GriDD is a full-service Customer Experience (CX) design company. Our professionals and academy can offer you the full spectrum of CX improvement services. Do you want to ensure excellent customer experiences for your organization? Our expertise in leadership, architecture and creation helps you realize it!


CX Leadership

Provide direction on your vision, strategy, value proposition for your customers and the CX transformation necessary in your organization.

CX Architecture

Get to know your customer, measure impact, find out which experiences they need and how you can manage success together.

CX Creation

Create great customer experiences based on your strategy and a clear architecture through improving touchpoints, designing content and continuously validating with customers.

Work we’re proud of

App design


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User research

University of Twente

Our team

Pragmatic professionals

Passionate people, that’s what GriDD stands for. Our team consists of CX experts with knowledge of people and technology to support organizations in realizing excellent customer experiences. We are committed to truly add value for your customers and organization, which is something we have been doing with great pleasure since 2008.


Humor in CX-uitgelicht

The fun of humor in customer experience

What does humor do for your customer experience? And how can you use humor to give your customer that surprising experience? In this article Laura shares tips and insights about the use of humor for a good customer experience.
Laura van 't Hul

As enthusiastic as we are?