We are information architects. We map information and form this to make your organization more effective, and let your customers achieve their goals. We specialize in customer experience design and storytelling. We make a strategy effective, a website customer-oriented, an impactful story.

What is our expertise?

Digital strategy

Adapt business objectives to the needs of your customer, so that you can convert shared interests into a profitable situation for both.

User experience design

Designing concepts for your digital environments, which are interesting for your customers and support your company.

User research & validation

To investigate the behavior of users and their interactions with your product or service, to gain insights and to get a better picture of how you can relate to the behavior of the customer.

Information architecture

Improve your information effectiveness by creating structure, labels and navigation to promote usability and understandability for the customer.”

Storytelling for change

Make complex information easier to understand by using storytelling inside and outside your organization, to support change processes and to involve those involved.

Story architecture & design

Create a story that informs and captivates your audience with an effective storyline and resources that give your story an impact: from presentation slides to catchy videos.

Our team

We are pragmatic professionals

The GriDD team consists of passionate people. We are experts in our field and have a background in science of people and technology. We all have a natural interest in everything related to information and how people deal with it. We are committed to making our contribution truly of value to our customer and his customers, and do this with great pleasure!


5 things you can do today to prepare for GDRP

It is all over the media: on May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable. GDPR has the objective to protect the data privacy of EU residents and to sharpen the way...
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GriDD sponsors Romanian school children

At GriDD we feel it is important to not just occupy ourselves with work, but to also try and make the world a little better. This year we support Centrul  Şcolar de Educaţie Incluzivă Dumbrăveni, a...
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Bizz Draw app:

Effective drawing with visual examples!

Are you tired of long texts on a whiteboard or in notes? Do you want to learn to draw in an effective way to communicate and share ideas? Then Bizz Draw is certainly suitable for you!