An excellent B2B customer experience through a Customer Experience Journey

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Towards an excellent customer experience

How do you provide an excellent B2B customer experience in the high-performance thermoplastic materials industry? Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials (MCAM) is a leading global manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic materials. Together with MCAM, we examined the complete Customer Experience Journey of different types of customers, and we discovered 10 new commercial opportunities that can drastically improve the MCAM Customer Experience.

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In August 2020, MCAM asked us to provide the business and digital strategy with new customer insights through an extensive Customer Experience Journey. The result of this approach? A complete overview of their B2B customers’ tasks, goals, activities, pain points, wow moments and touch points, which forms the basis for strategic and tactical optimizations.

Results in short

  • A thorough understanding of the three different MCAM customer roles, their needs, goals and pain points through personas and customer role descriptions.
  • A complete overview of the current MCAM customer experience in the form of a comprehensive Customer Experience Journey for all three MCAM customer roles.
  • A training strategy to help the Customer Experience Journey land and create awareness within the organization.
  • A strong customer-validated foundation for strategic, tactical discussions and commercial activities.

“GriDD brought a unique balance between strategy and vision, and quickly understood the dynamics of our company. Through the Customer Experience Journey, we discovered very practical commercial opportunities to drastically improve our customer experience.”

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40 interviews

Understanding your customers is essential to creating products that support their daily activities. To really understand MCAM customers, we conducted more than 40 internal and customer interviews. Insights from these interviews made it clear how the current MCAM customer experience works, and where there was room for improvement.

B2B Customer Experience Journey visual

A complete Customer Experience Journey

Based on an extensive set of customer data, we created personas and a complete Customer Experience Journey. The MCAM Customer Experience Journey reflects the complete journey MCAM B2B customers take, and describes all their tasks, goals, activities, pain points, wow moments and touch points.

Want to know more about personas? In this article, Nicky explains what personas are, and why we use them.

To ensure that the Customer Experience Journey and the insights can be used optimally within the MCAM organization, we have set up an educational initiative. We lead the MCAM organization through the Customer Experience Journey, by means of explainer videos, webinars and additional documentation. This approach ensured that the Customer Experience Journey was truly understood by the MCAM organization, and that it was included throughout all projects and initiatives that impact the MCAM customer experience.

Speaking of impact, Patrick wrote a great article on 9 metrics that show the direct impact of a good customer experience on the bottom line!

A visualisation of a customer journey for the B2B market

10 new commercial opportunities

With a clear, validated Customer Experience Journey, together with MCAM, we discovered more than 10 new commercial opportunities during opportunity workshops that could drastically improve the MCAM customer experience.

What do we find so interesting about this project?

During this project, MCAM really got to know the context of their B2B customers, became more customer-oriented and discovered new commercial opportunities that can drastically improve the customer experience. Two projects have been started directly from the Customer Experience Journey, in which we are also currently involved, in order to provide the best possible customer experience for MCAM customers.

We are grateful to be able to embark on this exciting journey with MCAM!

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