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Get customer feedback in a short period of time

Making website improvements based on direct customer feedback, so you can be sure it will help them – and not just suspect it. That was the goal of our collaboration with TRIMM and de Jong & Laan.

De Jong & Laan is an accounting and consulting firm in the north, east, and middle of the Netherlands. Over the years it has grown to no less than 23 offices and 700 employees. The company provides (strategic) issues in various areas: from accountancy to personnel and from tax to corporate finance. 


Together with our partner TRIMM, a B2B internet agency, de Jong & Laan created their website several years ago. Since then, de Jong & Laan has been maintaining the website together with TRIMM and they regularly add new, valuable content and have ensured continuous development of the website in recent years. But how does the customer actually behave on the website and how is the mobile visit experienced? And how can the content match the customer needs even better?  

Within de Jong & Laan there were already assumptions and ongoing discussions about the answers to these questions, but how do you find out whether your customer thinks the same way? By asking them! We therefore started with user research on behalf of TRIMM and de Jong & Laan. Time to get to work!

Performing tasks on the website

The period from kick-off to delivering the results was only two months. And during that time, we initiated in-depth user research with six participants, all users of These users came to our office and performed tasks on both the desktop and mobile version of the website. 

Together with de Jong & Laan, we formulated the tasks and questions. Beforehand, we carefully reviewed how we could obtain as much information as possible with as few tasks and questions as possible. For example, how the customer clicks through the website, how the customer contacts the company and whether they find the service that suits them. 

The users performed the tasks, and we observed their activities and asked questions if needed. And extra fun: the employees of de Jong & Laan themselves were present during some user tests! They watched the research from another room. 

Responses website J&L


In a short period of time we realized a valuable research project, which produced interesting results in various ways: 

  • Because de Jong & Laan employees were present, they saw first hand how the user behaves on the website, enabling the team to implement small website improvements almost immediately.
  • Their customers really enjoyed being involved and felt heard.
  • The results served as a foundation for certain improvements the company already had in mind themselves.
  • The website is more user-friendly and even more focused on the customer experience as a result of the improvements.
  • De Jong & Laan has gained a great deal of input for making strategic website choices in the future, and the project has contributed to choices that were made in rebranding the website six months after the user research.

What do we find so interesting about this project?

De Jong & Laan was very engaged and proactive in getting us in touch with their clients. In addition, they were really open to their clients’ new ideas and suggestions that came out of the research! Along with TRIMM, they were both very involved in the research and each added their own perspectives and vision to the project. 

"We really approached this project together, with TRIMM and GriDD, which was very pleasant. We already had a good idea ourselves of what we wanted to get out of this user research, but with GriDD's tips and advice we were able to achieve the optimal result, which helped us to make great short- and long-term improvements."

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