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Kramp is one of Europe’s biggest wholesalers of parts and accessories for the agricultural sector. With already a strong focus on digital channels and customer experience, they asked GriDD to help with the development of a new innovative app that truly helps the customer and strengthens the position of Kramp as a digital market leader. With over 500.000 available products it can be time-consuming for customers to find the correct (replacement) product they need, or when processing a delivery, finding a specific product for an end-customer.

In close collaboration with Q42 (development) and Defigners (visual design) and Kramp, we defined a vision for the app and translated that vision into practice. The app was successfully launched during Agritechnica 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. In april 2020, the Kramp app has received the Silver Spin Award in the category e-commerce.

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Kramp is an organisation that already has a very strong focus on the customer experience, and performed quite an extensive early research into customer needs and the exact point in the customer journey which they would like to improve using the app. The project started with desk research into the already available (customer) information and multiple interactive sessions with different stakeholders. Regularly working on-site, we created a UX concept and developed user flows to determine the scope of the app. This aligned business needs with customer needs, before translating it into wireframes and an early working prototype. Which could then be tested with Kramp customers across Germany and the Netherlands.

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Insights gathered during the user testing with customers were combined with input gathered from other Kramp stakeholders, which led to the creation of the final design and briefing for Q42 to start development. During development GriDD remained an active partner and provided Q42 and Kramp with UX support to tackle practical challenges and ensure an excellent user experience.

The end-result was a successful launch during Agritechnica 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery.

Nominatie spinawards

Silver SpinAward & DIA nomination

Judgment of the SpinAwards 2020 jury

“The Kramp app is strong in its simplicity and targeted approach within a very specific market and target group. In doing so, they make successful use of object recognition, a bold and surprising approach for this application. Seeing the effect of object recognition during the demo has convinced us that using this technology is a smart choice. In short, a tightly executed and targeted application for a B2B E-commerce solution.” – Juryrapport Spin Awards

"GriDD has helped us determining a fitting strategy for designing the new Kramp App. Because of GriDD's involvement we were able to develop an app that was innovative and at the same time made our client's work a lot easier. Especially the combination of strategic thinking together with pragmatism resulted in a great collaboration. Our clients and the organisation received the app with great enthusiasm, partly thanks to GriDD."

Why is this project interesting for us?

This project gave us the opportunity to be leading in the creation of an innovative app using object recognition that focuses on a very specific step in the customer journey in close partnership with multiple organisations that are at the top of their field: Kramp, Defigners and Q42.
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About Kramp

Kramp is one of the largest and fastest growing technical wholesalers in Europe. As a one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services and business solutions, Kramp is a strategic partner for agricultural, landscaping and forestry companies, as well as for the earth-moving industry sector and OEM companies. With both products and added services Kramp makes a direct contribution to the efficiency and performance of agricultural businesses. Kramp. It’s that easy.

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