Constant UX and CX optimisation for Signify

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Pragmatically improving the customer experience

As a permanent part of the Signify Digital Marketing team, our CX consultants worked continuously on improving the Philips Lighting and Signify channels. After the first project in 2013, our role grew to provide constant UX and CX support. This made us a permanent face at Signify for over 8 years in the role of CX consultant, UX designer, researcher and content expert. Our goal at Signify has always been to realize optimization of the Customer Experience in a pragmatic way, without losing sight of the bigger ambition. With small iterations, we made sure that significant improvements were made, and that the customer perspective was never forgotten.


Closely involved collaboration

Characteristic of our working method is that we really worked closely with the Global Digital Marketing team and took work off their hands. The continuous CX support role was fulfilled by several CX consultants who worked for Signify several days a week. We were often working at the Signify office in Eindhoven. Our way of working is proactive, connecting and pragmatic.


We proactively spotted opportunities for Signify and actively offered to take up work. We not only provided advice and UX solutions, but also took the lead if desired. We took responsibility in projects and thus ensured acceleration. 


With our knowledge in UX and CX, we were able to bring people from different teams together. In this way we increased awareness of customer-centric thinking and design. Thanks to our many years of experience in the organization, we knew who to involve.


We love complex issues and are at the same time focused on achieving a practical result. This means that we practically contributed ideas to what was needed, actively helped formulate follow-up steps and worked together to implement them. 


In recent years we have provided a lot of support on many different topics. From large projects to rapid improvements. When bigger questions arose, we were partner of choice and had the role of content expert for longer-term projects.

Typical duties include:

  • Digital vision development
  • Creation of UX concepts
  • UI/UX design and wireframing
  • UX Review & improvement documents
  • Drafting UX guidelines
  • Support in IT development and digital marketing
  • customer survey
  • Project & Stakeholder Management
  • Process and workshop guidance

Also check out our work for the Redesign of Philips Lighting and User Research for the catalogue.

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We are proud of the many successes and results we have achieved together with Signify:

  • Structural support of the Global Digital Marketing team in the entire broad field of CX and UX leadership, architecture & creation. From devising the concept of the new Signify website, to UX improvements within the product catalogue.
  • Brought more customer-oriented thinking and design into the organization
  • Ensuring a consistent and high-quality user experience across all Signify channels
  • Setting up channels that contribute to Signify’s goals
  • Pragmatically continuously realize small (and large) improvements in a complex landscape (of IT architecture and organizational teams)
  • Good collaboration in the team and with people in the organization, the driving force behind bringing change

What we find so interesting about this collaboration

Being a permanent part of the Global Digital Marketing team allowed us to look beyond individual projects. We were able to add value across different channels, always using our expertise to achieve the best possible customer experience. It was nice to work on big projects with a lot of visibility, and at the same time be practical to realize small improvements that have a big impact.

"GriDD really has an agile way of working, it was fantastic! You have meant a lot in relation to research on our target groups." 

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What kind of company is Signify?

Signify is the global market leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Formerly known as Philips Lighting. With their lighting products, systems and services they offer their customers high quality with brands such as Philips, InterAct, Philips Hue and more. 

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