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How to determine which optimizations should be performed for your website? And what are our users’ needs and wishes? That is the question VvAA faced when they approached us for User Research Training.

VvAA is a collective of more than 125,000 healthcare providers which offers knowledge, advice and services for and by healthcare professionals and healthcare companies. VvAA serves their target group through a number of digital platforms, with a website and an app among others. We taught a group of VvAA employees how to conduct thorough user research and use its results to improve their digital services.


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Training was split in two parts of about 4 hours and both sessions were fully digital and online (due to Covid-19 restrictions). Eight participants were given the task to prepare for training by formulating their own case. This made it possible to learn how to perform research during training and immediately apply what was learnt in practice in a real-life setting.

After various research methods were explained, participants worked on their cases and research in duos, with personal support from our coaches. Participants would continue to work on their research in between the two training sessions, and as a result receive even more specific support and help in the second session.

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We look back on a very nice result: all participants had taken a major step in setting up user research. What made this training successful?

  • Enthusiastic employees of VvAA
  • Interactive training in which there was a lot of time for personal guidance
  • Participants set up a good research design during training
  • Participants were able to conduct and analyze their research shortly after training
  • Due to insights gained in training, VvAA was able to achieve clear results from research on how to improve their website

“The training was a good balance between theory and practice. It was very nice to work with our own case during training, because it makes what was learnt even more applicable. Everything showed that our coaches had a lot of knowledge about the subject; they knew a practical solution for every question or problem.”

What makes this project so interesting for us?

It was great fun sharing our expertise to train and guide the employees of VvAA in setting up their research. A very successful training, in which the participants conducted, analyzed and implemented their own research very shortly after the training. The training provided VvAA with the tools and skills to continue to improve their customer experience in the future, with the help of customer research.

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About VvAA

As a collective of more than 125,000 healthcare providers, VvAA is the voice and the support system of healthcare providers in the Netherlands. Together, we make their voices heard on healthcare-wide topics such as inspirational healthcare, free choice of doctors and reduction of bureaucracy. In addition, VvAA supports individual members and their healthcare companies through knowledge sharing, advice, development, insurances and other profession-specific services.

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