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A tool for you to find your perfect storyline!

We believe in the power of storytelling. Stories help communicate information effectively, build connections between people, make an impact and foster understanding. However, we also see that not every story achieves its potential.

Using the right storyline can make the all the difference for your story to make an impact. Storylines are used to shape and structure elements in a story. They make creating an effective story a whole lot easier. The perfect storyline follows from your goal, the type of story you want to tell or the characteristics of your audience. By finding the perfect storyline to match your needs, Bizz Story can help you create the impactful story you want.

Featured story lines

The most well known storyline is the ‘Hero’s journey’ which is why this one is featured here. However, there are more ways to build your story structure. We’ve featured a few but be sure to check out the full library too.

In Media Res

In story begins in the middle, will then go back to the start point, goes back to the middel part once more and ends with an ending point.

Hero’s Journey

This story begins and ends with the same situation.

Converging Ideas

The story shows how different ideas lead to one good idea.

The core of this web app is the Storylines Library. Here you can find storylines that will help you create more effective stories to be more effective in your work. The library can be filtered to search and find your optimal storyline.

You can filter by:

Select the goal you have in sharing your story and Bizz Story will show you the storylines best suited for that goal in this category. We have categorized eight goals: Activate, Convince, Educate, Enjoy, Explain, Inform, Inspire, Motivate and Trust.

Story type
Select the type of story you want to share and Bizz Story will show you the storylines best suited for that type in this category. We have categorized six story types: Formal presentation, Keynote / Talk, Out of the box, Pitching your idea, Teaching, Leadership story

Audience characteristics
You can select the most prominent characteristic of your audience and Bizz Story will show the storylines best suited for that characteristic in this category. We have categorized four characteristics: Difficult, Emotional, Ambitious, Linear thinkers, Creative, High End, Practical and Open Minded.
Enjoy creating your story!

To determine a storyline to suit the goal you have for sharing your story, you can choose one of the story goals we have determined:

If your goal is to activate people that means you will want them to (want to) do something after they have heard your story. This can be a number of things, for instance buying your product, subscribing to a newsletter or joining a charity organisation as a volunteer.

To convince people is to make them see your point of view, reasoning and logic which leads to them to believe in you and what you are saying to be right. You might want to convince your potential clients that you are the one they need for the job.

If you mean to educate people you aim to teach them something (new) that they need to remember or should be able to reproduce or use in the future, for instance when using a story in training or to educate employees about emergency procedures at the office.

This type of story is not meant to convey a deep message, make your audience do things or have them learn something: it is mainly meant to be entertaining for your audience. They should first and foremost enjoy the story that is told.

When using a story to explain, your goal is for people to gain understanding of what you are sharing. For instance, this could be explaining different options on how to proceed with a project.

If your story's main goal is to inform people, you simply want to impart information or knowledge to your audience. This can be a briefing for instance.

A story meant to inspire means you want to bring forth new thoughts, interest, ideas or actions in your audience. Many popular conferences, for instance focusing on innovations, aim to inspire people with their stories to bring new innovations to life or spark interest in people to use or develop them further.

If your goal is to motivate your audience, you will often try to excite people. A classic example would be a coach in a locker room telling the sports team a motivating story so they will give the upcoming match their all.

A story can be used to gain trust in you as a speaker or what your story is about. This could be because you show expertise, a vision or even vulnerability which can for instance be useful for a story to introduce yourself as a manager to a new team

How to use the Bizz Story tool?

Bizz story is best used while creating your story. In the Storylines library you can find storylines to help structure you story. For every storyline we provide a visualisation, a desciption, an example, an instruction of how to use the storyline, related storylines and the goals, storytypes and audience characteristics it is suited for. The pages speak for themselves really!

In case you might have any questions or want to read more, you can find all explanations below. And if not, please feel free to contact us!