Hero’s journey

The hero’s journey is used to tell your, or someone else’s, personal journey to explain how the main character became a hero. This storyline uses a chronological timeline. In the beginning the main character is a normal person. At some point the situation changes and the main character has to do something to save the situation (the challenge). His development in overcoming the challenge to come to a resolution, he develops and becomes “a hero”! After this he returns and the situation turns back to “normal” again. This storyline is useful when you want to inspire or motivate people to be a hero too. Your story can show them that it is possible to be a hero, even when you are not born as a hero. It’s also a good storyline to explain how you got the guts to undertake certain actions.

How to use the storyline?

  1. Start your story by describing the context. The story should also end within this context.
  2. After setting the scene, describe the point where the context changed. Tell your audience why this happened and what the result of this event was.
  3. Describe what challenges the hero must deal with because of the changing context.
  4. Then, the hero becomes aware that he/she should take action. At this moment, he or she starts to become a hero. Describe his/her actions, which are of course fit for hero. How is the hero coming back?
  5. Eventually end your story by describing a situation that is similar to the starting context. Everything is back to normal, thanks to the hero!

Example story

Many stories use this particular storyline. It has been called the mother of all storylines or even the only storyline and is also known as the monomyth. Examples of this storyline are easy to find, for instance The Lion King but also The Matrix or The Lord of the Rings.

For which goals can you use this storyline?

  • Enjoy
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Activate

For which goals can you use this storyline?

  • Formal presentation
  • Keynote talk
  • Out of the box
  • Pitching your idea
  • Leadership story

For what kind of audience is this storyline well suited?

  • Emotional
  • Ambitious
  • Open Minded
  • High End

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