Converging Ideas

The converging ideas storyline can be used to show how different ideas come together. It gives you the opportunity to tell how that extraordinary good never thought of idea, was created. Every idea could be a story itself, however they come together at the end as one story. This storyline is perfect for introducing new products, or to sell your idea or product to an audience.

How to use the storyline?

  1. Start with an introduction into your story
  2. After setting the scene, start your first story idea. Here you explain what you originally wanted to do.
  3. Then tell the story about the second idea. Repeat this step if more ideas should be included
  4. Explain how the ideas come together.
  5. End your story with how it became a great success.

Example story

An example of this storyline is the story of the original iPhone announcement by Steve Jobs (description by In his speech Steve Jobs builds one idea on top of another on top of another. Listing a ‘what if’ situation that is the basis for the converging ideas storyline.

For which goals can you use this storyline?

  • Explain
  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Convince

For what type of story is this a good storyline? 

  • Keynote talk or Pitching your idea
  • Keynote talk

For what kind of audience is this storyline well suited. 

  • Emotional
  • Ambitious
  • Open Minded
  • High End

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