Mountain story

In this storyline, a linear approach is used to build op the reasoning towards a clear conclusion. After an introduction a sequence of challenges and sub conclusions lead to a general conclusion. After this a wrap up is provided with a clear moral of the story and actionable next steps. This storyline is useful when you want to present a result based on different insights and actions. Every decision is a step closer in the conclusion.

How to use the storyline?

  1. Start your story by describing the context.
  2. After setting the scene, describe the different events that occur.
  3. Subsequently describe the result.
  4. End with what has changed regarding to the beginning of the story.

Example story

An example of this storyline is the movie Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows.
Detective stories often follow this story structure in which everything leads up to a high adrenaline, epic conclusion and then wraps up more quietly.

For which goals can you use this storyline?

  • Explain
  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Convince
  • Trust

For what type of story is this a good storyline? 

  • Formal presentation
  • Leadership story

For what kind of audience is this storyline well suited. 

  • Difficult
  • Linear thinkers
  • Practical

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