Philips Lighting is the largest lighting producer in the world. They have a product catalog containing more than 30,000 lighting products such as lamps and luminaires. This catalog is aimed at business-to-business customers: for example wholesalers, installers, but also architects. They use the catalog to select products for their projects and to search for information about those products.

Because Philips thinks it important that their offer and way of offering meet the needs and expectations of the customer, they wanted to research how the product catalog could be improved. For this they have enabled GriDD with the assignment:

Examining and analyzing how users use the current product catalog. And on that basis formulate measures to improve the customer experience of the Philips Lighting product catalog.

Areas of expertise

User experience design

User research & -validation


November 2016 – Februari 2017




Based on input from internal stakeholders and user feedback from the website, a research plan has been drawn up. In the survey customers were asked to perform a number of tasks in the Philips Lighting catalog and to answer a number of questions about this. Based on the research plan, training was given to employees of Philips Lighting in 13 different countries. During the training they explained how they can carry out the research as well and efficiently as possible in order to obtain usable results. All sessions have been recorded (both the client and the screen on which the work was done) and the answers to the questions have been worked out and subsequently (together with the recordings) shared with GriDD.

Based on this, GriDD has carried out a comprehensive analysis to identify the bottlenecks in the catalog and point out point by point how these bottlenecks can be solved.


Thanks to qualitative research involving a large number of end users, a nice package of measures has been developed with possibilities to improve the product catalog. This included both quick fixes and larger developments that have now been set in motion.

  • We created a well-organized, prioritized list of possibilities to make the product catalog as user-friendly as possible.
  • We interviewed and observed 36 people in 13 countries. This resulted in 36 hours of video recordings and more than 200 pages of transcripts that were all analyzed, so that improvement measures really came from users and from the markets
  • From the video recordings of the user survey we have created a showreel that shows what users were or were not satisfied with in the product catalog. By sharing this, users’ needs and expectations became even more tangible for the internal organization at Philips Lighting.

Why is this project interesting for us?

The beauty of this project is that you really represent the user because you get unfiltered information from them in the interviews and observations. Literally seeing where they get into trouble and subsequently come up with a solution to make their experience better, is something which I really enjoy!

Mockup Philips Lighting catalog

“A complex challenge, in which GriDD, thanks to its expertise and focus on results, has collected a lot of valuable insights from our international business clients within a short time frame.”

Carlo van den Berg
Lead Digital Experience & Strategy


Jeroen Grit

Managing partner

Jeroen Grit is managing partner and customer experience strategist at GriDD. His strength lies in formulating a fitting strategy and translate this into a great experience concept. Balancing the demands of the customer and organisation and their environment is one of his key qualities. Jeroen has a passion for deciphering complex matter and converting this matter into a clear direction for the creation of the experience.