What we did

GriDD supported the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of DELA by converting the available materials into an effective storyline containing the most important parts of the policy. The storyline was then translated into a video containing the core of the policy, told by the people who carry the policy. The video uses the visual concept of ‘the narrator’ with relevant visual information in the background. Through the visualization of this information, a clear picture of the core quickly emerged and remained personal and close. Thanks to this video, DELA employees can understand in eight minutes the essence of the DELA CSR policy, which they themselves are an essential part of. Because of this they understand what their specific contribution can be, something that is essential for the success of the CSR policy.

Areas of expertise

Information architecture

Story architecture & design


September 2016 – December 2016



“GriDD not only helped us with the technique of visualizing our CSR policy, they also helped us filter the essence, and their flexibility and speed combined with personal contact really made it a co-creation. best with and through each other.The first reactions from the organization are positive!”

Caroline Smeets
Senior marketing communication advisor DELA


Mark Geljon

Founding partner

Mark Geljon is an experienced story architect and entrepreneur active on the cutting edge of new developments. According to him, in order to create an impact, you need a balance between the content of the story, the techniques that convey the story and the personal connection with the speaker. In addition to running his company GriDD, Mark has coached several executives and TEDx speakers to an impactful success.