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Sketchnotes and learnings from FITC Amsterdam 2019

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Sketchnoting FITC Amsterdam 2019

Op 18 en 19 februari vond de 12e editie van de FITC-conferentie plaats in Amsterdam, waar hun design- en tech-evenement over de toekomst van innovatie, design en alle coole dingen daar tussenin werd georganiseerd. We waren dit jaar weer sketchnote-partner (net als bij de 10e editie van FITC Amsterdam). Koen, Patrick en Nicky waren aanwezig en schetsten hun weg door bijna een dozijn gesprekken per persoon!

Lees meer over de inzichten van FITC Amsterdam 2019 in het Engels op Sketchnotes and learnings from FITC Amsterdam 2019

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Koen Terra


Koen Terra is a consultant at GriDD. During his study Industrial Design at TU Delft, he focused mainly on visualizing ideas and concepts. This ensures that he can visualize information quickly and effectively. Koen is convinced that thinking and communicating offer added value in images and will certainly not leave this behind during his work at GriDD.

In addition, his study in the direction of product design and his curious nature has ensured that he always tries to solve problems and to make existing solutions better. This manifests itself not only in the form of visuals but also in physical products that help solve problems and support people in all kinds of ways.

Patrick Kerling


Patrick Kerling is a creative and analytical consultant. He likes to use his knowledge and creativity to devise effective and user-oriented solutions for information issues. Patrick thinks in concepts, underpinned with knowledge, skills and creativity. Furthermore, Patrick loves to run or mountainbike in the beautiful landscape of Twente. He also enjoys creative excesses on canvas and karaoke.

Nicky Meijer


Nicky Meijer is a consultant at GriDD. She is driven to support professionals and organizations with (complex) information issues and any form of personal development. With her background as an educational expert she is interested in everything that has to do with knowledge processes and learning, especially when new technologies can offer added value. Nicky has a passion for visualizing ideas and stories; something she has been doing since she was a child. She is convinced that the way to mutual understanding lies in making information explicit in an effective visual way.