Jeroen Grit

Jeroen Grit

Managing Partner

Jeroen Grit is managing partner and principal CX consultant at GriDD. His strength lies in formulating a fitting strategy and translate this into a great experience concept. Balancing the demands of the customer and organisation and their environment is one of his key qualities. Jeroen has a passion for deciphering complex matter and converting this matter into a clear direction for the creation of the experience

He studied Communication Science at the University of Twente, and holds a master’s degree in New Media Research and Design. Jeroen lives in Utrecht with his girlfriend, two sons and two cats. He is a cyclist at rest and therefore has five bikes at home, although he is aware that it is possible with less. If possible, he goes off-roading on his motorbike, goes woodworking in his garage, or goes looking for some speciality beers.

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