A customer validated total solution for the redesign of Philips Lighting

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Philips Lighting wanted to take a next step in the digital field. The current website did not meet the requirements of users and did not support the organizational ambitions. In combination with the launch of the new Philips brand identity, it was an ideal time to take leadership in the lighting industry on a digital level. In nine months, a new experience for Philips Lighting was realized based on a customer-validated total solution designed by GriDD. GriDD was nominated for a Dutch Digital Award and won a Web Marketing Association WebAward in the category: B2B Standard of Excellence.

  • Increasing the Net Promoter Score
  • Increasing conversion to sales
  • Full responsive website
Visualisatie reis Philips Lighting


Philips Lighting needed a digital step up from being present, to an engagement and sales platform. The rapidly transforming lighting market, and the limitations in the digital field of Philips Lighting, made changing fast very important to this project. This became the reason for a very ambitious schedule, with the need for high impact results.

In order to absorb the dynamics of the changing market, the complexity of the subject, and the amount of stakeholders involved, we had to be able to create powerful, validated solutions immediately. With a small team, GriDD started working on various topics that were important, for example user experience, business needs, technology, content and ecosystem. The insights on these topics have been brought together to arrive at one powerful total solution. To reach this solution, more than 160 sources were used in the preliminary study, more than 200 different stakeholders involved in workshops or individual interviews, and 16 customer surveys with more than 7000 respondents.

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  • More than 8000 users involved in validating the solution
  • More than 1800 user requirements collected
  • More than 200 stakeholders from the organization actively involved
  • Within 2 months a blueprint on the basis of which the entire digital landscape could be redesigned within a consistent user experience.
  • A completely new experience with a go-live within 9 months

Why is this project interesting for us?

This project brought together all of the GriDD skills, from heavy user experience knowledge and experience to IT architecture. From customer research to change management. The complexity and the size of the assignment provided an ideal environment for our pragmatic vision combined with our substantive motives.


"For me, GriDD is a team of people who are always ready to unburden immediately and to come up with practical creative solutions. A few words are almost always enough to get the situation and impact sharp, which then immediately leads to action. For Philips, GriDD delivered an enormous performance under tremendous pressure by gaining insight into all the materials of our complex organization in very short available time and laying down a powerful and validated total solution for our global lighting redesign, which is world-class on all fronts. It is a pleasure to work with the skilled and enthusiastic people of GriDD and I hope we can continue to do so for a long time."

Jeroen Grit

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