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TEDx Utrecht is a local event that is held under license from TED. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and gives speakers the platform to inspire a wide audience. TEDx Utrecht is a big event with 27 speakers and more than 1000 visitors. GriDD supports the event by coaching a number of speakers (now 10) together with Personal Performance trainers from PLUQ.

The goal:

  • Designing the story so that it is easy to understand
  • Guiding and coaching speakers on their way to ‘the talk of their lives’
Scherm met daarop partners & friends van Tedx Utrecht


By starting with the speakers at an early stage and reflecting on the underlying goals and ambitions they have with the story, a first structure is set up. Then the story is put down roughly in front of the camera as quickly as possible. Here the ‘diamonds’ are discovered which are the pieces of the puzzle for the final story.

Afbeelding van videocamera met daarachter een spreker


  • A good story
  • Maximum use of the speaker’s personality
  • Impact of the story (fame, inspiration)

What makes this project so interesting for us?

The impact of a good story can be enormous. Many TED talks are a source of inspiration and knowledge for people from all over the world. The uniqueness of TED is that a lot of value is attached to the preparation. It is therefore incredibly cool to see that a story takes shape and really resonates with the audience and contributes to a better world.

“Wendy and Mark gave us an enormous amount of energy by coaching us with our performance and story. The essence of our talk was constantly the main focus and by refining together, our story made us really stand out in our performance. The result was a true moment of shining and joy on the TEDx stage.”

Mark Geljon

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