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Brocacef’s ambition is to become the number one healthcare partner in 2022 that people consciously choose. The major challenge was the transformation of various websites of business units, into one online platform built around the needs and wishes of the target audience. And how can Brocacef translate its mission: “Together we provide smart, personal and accessible care” into the digital world?

The result: a responsive user-centered online platform where the propositions of the different business units are jointly presented in a clear way.

Wireframes tablet Brocacef


In order to understand the demands of both the organization and the customer, we started a strategic research in collaboration with TRIMM. We conducted more than 20 interviews internally and externally to understand the needs of Brocacef and its target groups in relation to online. We spoke with a broad range of customers: from pharmacist’s assistants to branch representatives and hospital pharmacists. We have secured these insights for the organization into personas and customer journeys and translated them into a UX concept for the B2B website. Seven design principles formed the basis for a consistent and good user experience.

Brocacef website


With the UX concept and design principles in mind, the recently developed brand identity was also translated into digital. Elements such as the ‘waterdrop’ are now recognizable design elements. This way Brocacef can be distinguished from its competitors at a glance. In addition, a large part of the redesigned website is the careers section, which continuously contains about 150 vacancies.

By looking closely at all the individual entities and investigating the needs of the target groups, we have ensured that all information is relevant to each target group. In addition, the integration of all systems ensures that the Brocacef brand identity can be implemented. The total package brings Brocacef to a higher level.

Brocacef website

Why is this project interesting for us?

This project gave us the opportunity to jump on the digital transformation train that already left the station at Brocacef. The various business units and associated markets created a complex landscape to unravel and create clarity from, to finally design the best possible experience for the users.

“With the help and expertise of GriDD and TRIMM we managed to create a very fresh and up-to-date website. A site that is built on the basis of customer needs. The specialists at GriDD and TRIMM are fully aware of all aspects to develop a new site, from design to technology.”

“By working with GriDD, we were able to develop the best solution for Brocacef and also to give Brocacef the tools for the future. The mapping of the needs of the organization and its target group where key in this.”


What kind of company is Brocacef?

Brocacef represents more than 200 years of experience in healthcare. The organisation is active throughout the pharmaceutical chain and therefore holds a unique position in Dutch pharmaceutical care, both for healthcare consumers and for the business market. This makes Brocacef the industry leader in their field.

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