Measure the Digital Maturity of your organization and gain insight into areas for improvement.

What is the Digital Maturity scan?

Our digital maturity scan is a questionnaire that you send to all employees of your organization. It measures the perception of your employees about their own digital maturity, that of colleagues and the organization. We perform a thorough data analysis and provide you with a clear report.

What does the scan look like?

The scan has a layered character. First, participants respond to 3 statements so that you immediately have insight into the most important aspects of digital maturity. The rest of the questions measures the maturity in more detail. We lower the threshold for employees to participate by making the step to complete the more extensive survey very small.

The scan asks questions about the following three aspects:

  • digital products & services
  • digital capabilities, skills & knowledge
  • digital maturity of the organization

What you’ll gain?

  • Turns a feeling or assumption into figures and numbers which makes it easier to discuss
  • Gives you starting points to increase efforts on specific aspects
  • Helps you take the first steps towards a more digitally mature organization

What do you get?

  • A clear PDF report of your organization with interactive Excel
  • Reports per cross section (e.g. departments)
  • A management summary

What's unique about our digital maturity scan

Measures 3 key aspects of digital maturity

The scan measures on the following three levels: 1) digital products & services, 2) digital capabilities, skills & knowledge 3) digital maturity of the organization.

The layered nature of the survey increases response

A lowered threshold for employees to participate since the step to complete the extensive survey is very small.

Insightful cross-sections of your organization

It gives you insight into where different departments or locations stand in their digital maturity.

Can give you periodic insight

Use this scan to track the digital growth of your organization over time. And keep finding new insights for improvement.

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