Redesign of the SLO websites and ad-interim project management

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SLO is the national expertise center for curriculum development. For the expertise center, the website fulfils an important channel to the different target groups. SLO was looking for a new, user-friendly web content management system and adaptation of the websites to the organizational strategy. That is why GriDD was asked to:

  • Ad interim to fulfil the project leadership
  • Through discussions and workshops with external and internal customers and stakeholders to get the requirements and wishes to the solution sharp
  • In wireframes and visual designs to work out what the new digital environment should look like
  • To provide a clear set of requirements for the European tender
Requirements SLO


User research

In order to get a good picture of the requirements and wishes, we conducted user research through interviews and workshops with the primary target group of SLO, but also with internal stakeholders and external partners.

UX design

With insights from the user research we created concepts, wireframes and high-level visual designs. These have been iteratively sharpened to come to a design that fits the strategic vision of the organization.

Ad-interim project management

Because the SLO needed a project leader who could unburden the organization, who oversees both the technical aspects, but also the strategic and process side, we perform project management ad-interim.

Gebruikersonderzoek SLO


SLO is an organization in transition, with an ever sharper focus on target groups and offering added value for these groups. In addition to the “hard” results, such as a set of requirements for the European tender, the project also contributed to the underlying process and culture change. Precisely because of the customer-oriented approach of the project and the focus on what information helps clients to be effective, the project fits perfectly into the transition that SLO is going through. The list of results therefore goes beyond purely a technology selection:

  • A solid set of requirements based on user research
  • A visual concept that has the approval of management, managers and key stakeholders
  • Involvement of a broad group of internal stakeholders in the new way of communicating
  • Preparation for the European tender in a short time and within budget

Why is this project so interesting to us?

It was already clear that this was a complex project, in which a broad group of stakeholders had to be involved and at the same time smart technical choices had to be made. That challenge appealed to us enormously. It is precisely because we combine different skills in our team (from GriDDers and people from our external network) that we can operate on the cutting edge of people and technology, while taking into account the strategic direction of the SLO.


An external consultant, with experience in similar complex projects, is getting a knowledge-intensive organization like SLO better in motion. The approach in which both our target groups and the internal stakeholders are actively involved helped to come up with a concept that enables us to express ourselves effectively as an expertise center. It is important for SLO to provide information to many different target groups about the compulsory learning path frameworks and ways to implement them in education. Precisely by providing overview and to show consistency we help school leaders and teachers with curriculum development.

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