Effective visualization of propositions and networks

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What we did

GriDD visualises complex propositions and networks for Kennispark Twente.

In order to provide insight into which different Kennispark services are relevant to which target groups, GriDD has mapped out which target group the Kennispark services are related to and how they are interrelated. The results from various sessions with relevant stakeholders have been translated into two illustrations that effectively reflect the services of Kennispark Twente. The illustrations explain what Kennispark does and for whom, without the need for further context. In this way all their processes and services become clear at a glance.


"GriDD has made two visualizations for Kennispark Twente. They have managed to make a complex message for various target groups intelligible and tangible by means of a systematic approach: in a creative way the messages were translated into an image suitable for presentations, and a visualization which can be used by the target groups without any explanation The GriDD approach is characterized by good preparation, systematic peeling of different 'layers of information' within 1 message and the creative translation of these into an understandable and easy-to-use visualization."

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