Organizational change

Increase customer dedication: a quick guide to organizational change

Having a critical look at your current workflows can help your company experience exponential growth. To change the current habits that inhibit your growth, you might have to change the current strategy of your company. But how do you encourage your colleagues to embrace change? How do you incorporate your customers’ perspectives during this transformation?
Increasing your customer dedication is the key to improving your overall customer satisfaction and building long lasting valuable relationships. We asked our customers about their experiences with change processes in favor of customer dedication. Are you curious about their insights based on experience they have from their multinational B2B companies? Read on to discover their tips and tricks which could inspire you for your organization.


Make the end goal and road ahead crystal clear

The main challenge is to get everyone on board. One important step in getting someone involved is to provide a clear and consistent vision towards the end goal and road ahead. It makes people understand why this change is happening and what they can expect in the coming period in order to realize this change. It is important to create a certain urgency while doing this. What will the benefits be once this process has been finalized? And is there someone who your employees can approach when they have questions along the way?

This person is then always available to answer questions. When you understand what goal you are trying to reach and how that will help you, your intrinsic motivation automatically increases.


Recognize mindset patterns and help people embrace change

People do not resist change, but they often simply do not know how to change. They tend to focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain. In business settings, people seem to be hesitant about anything new. Especially if the company is doing fine as it is now; why change a winning team? Yet, to be able to grow, we need people to embrace change. Within an organization you typically see different attitudes towards change:

  • Group one: resists change out of fear
  • Group two: resists change because they cannot admit that they are clueless
  • Group three:does not resist change, but needs to be guided
  • Group four: is ready for change and willing to help

To be able to get people from four different groups on one page, it helps to embrace change leaders. These visionaries will create a positive, collective mindset towards the change. A united team is a team that can handle the complexity, pressure and criticism that often come along with the change process.


Create cross-functional teams to combat silos

Traditional silos are not predominant anymore in today’s workforce, but there is effort needed to create cross-functional teams in times of change. You create these teams by looking at the individual skillsets of your employees. The bigger the variety is of these skills, the stronger the team will be. The broad expertise of team members will lead to a more creative, out-of-the-box solution mindset, which will enhance change and innovation.


Engage with resonating stories

Make a clear vision of what the company will look like after the change process. It is essential to tell the story of the intended future and background so people can connect and support it. A change process can feel awfully long when the communication towards the employees is not fully optimized.
There are certain things you will have to continuously communicate to the people involved, to be able to realize a steady growth:

  • What steps are we taking now?
  • What is the next step we will take?
  • When will we progress to the next step?
  • How does the progress we make already help us?
  • What are everyone’s individual tasks at this moment?
  • What is the end goal of the process we are in?


Celebrate results and show appreciation

Celebrating results together is often forgotten but essential in achieving results. It is important that employees feel appreciated for the work they have done. Appreciation gives people recognition and motivation. Create milestones beforehand and celebrate every single one you achieve. Make sure to thank your employees for their hard work and commitment to give everyone the credits they deserve.


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