Willemijn Rutte

Willemijn Rutte

CX Consultant

Willemijn Rutte works as a consultant at GriDD. She studied Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. She likes to delve deeply into the content of complex issues and always tries to discover the problem behind the problem. After that, it is time for facilitating creative co-creation sessions in which all kinds of energizers and brainstorming techniques are used. She also like to provide training and teach people to work more creatively with the end user in mind.

In her spare time, she prefers to stretch out on the couch with a Disney movie or a good book. When it’s time for exercise, she takes up dancing, yoga or cycling. She is known to friends as the ‘snack queen’ who serves the best cheese platters at game nights. With a tasty specialty beer, of course.

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