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A practical guide to creating real impact through marketing. This marketing approach helped take NXP from a top 20 player in the semiconductor industry to become one of the top 5.

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Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing: A practical guide to creating real impact through marketing

A book written by Sander Arts, Mark Geljon, Jeroen Grit & Robert Slagter


Read this book on marketing for impact endorsed by KKR (a private equity firm managing close to $130 Billion in assets), Stanford University, Royal Philips, and NXP. See what influential CEOs say about the model on how to make money with marketing. What if you only have limited marketing dollars to invest? What if you have a CEO and CFO that chase you and ask for increased revenue from marketing? What if you are sick and tired of being a cost center and you want to be a profit center? It is time to cut the bullsh*t in your marketing and focus on the two things that really matter; your customers AND running marketing programs that generate revenue for the company. By applying Cut the Bullsh*t marketing principles you will be able to make real impact for your company and, by doing so, impress your investors, CEO, CFO, and – most importantly – your customers! Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is a hands-on book about people-to-people marketing in business settings. The book shows you how to design and run effective marketing, without resorting to bullsh*t. In this book, the authors share methods, insights and a wide range of real examples from their broad experience in the high-tech industry to illustrate what worked (and what not!) and what they learned along the way. The book helps you gain deep understanding of your customers, engage with your target audience in a personal way, rethink your marketing organization, and create the outlines of a Cut the Bullsh*t marketing plan. Join the Cut the Bullsh*t marketing community now

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