Customer experience design with business impact.

GriDD is the customer experience design company, founded on the basis of a central question: how do you put the customer first?

Since 2008, we have combined knowledge about people and technology to advise and support organizations with realizing excellent customer experiences. Always with professional sharpness, humor, ingenious design and creativity. We have been working together for years to make your customers’ lives better, more efficient and more fun!

Our vision

More and more organizations acknowledge the importance of offering customer experience excellence. They work on NPS-scores and customer satisfaction ratings to win and retain customers and improve business impact. However, many organizations do not achieve their ambitions. How do you close the gap between CX ambition and realization?

Truly great CX can only be achieved through real Customer Dedication. Which means being dedicated to develop deep empathic relationships with your customers on their own terms and conditions. This demands continuously watching, listening, and emphasizing with the world of your customer. At all levels in your organization. In order to achieve this, it essential to continuously test and research to optimize customer experiences.

Are you able to connect with your customers and willing to commit for the full 100 percent? True ongoing dedication is needed, not mere lip service. It is key to keep your organization competitive, relevant and growing. Without customer dedication, no excellent customer experience.


CX Leadership

Provide direction on your vision, strategy, value proposition for your customers and the CX transformation necessary in your organization. GriDD advises, supports and does some of the heavy lifting for you!

CX Vision and strategy

Customer value proposition design

CX organisation transformation

CX Architecture

Get to know your customer, measure impact, find out which experiences they need and how you can manage success together. GriDD helps you determine tactics for a customer dedicated organization!

Know your customer

Experience tactics

Customer success management

CX Creation

Create great customer experiences based on your strategy and a clear architecture through improving touchpoints, designing content and continuously validating with customers. GriDD offers pragmatic and inventive solutions to challenges!

Touchpoint improvement design

Design and structuring of content

Customer feedback & business impact management

Ready for Customer dedication?

GriDD provides a smarter way to get started. Do you dare to get challenged in a pragmatic way in in order to achieve real customer dedication in your organization?

Step one? Take part in our Customer Experience and Dedication Quick Scan. Our scan maps the customer strategy and tactics of your organization quickly and thoroughly. Providing you insights into what is already working well and which opportunities we see for improvement – both quick fixes as well as an overall look. It is thé way to know the right plans and actions to set in motion towards achieving excellent customer experiences and a customer dedicated organization.


The team

Mark Geljon

Founding partner

Jeroen Grit

Managing partner

Diederik van de Heg


Laura van ’t Hul


Patrick Kerling


Nicky Meijer


Fleur Elise Muller


Koen Terra


We collaborate with partners

We like to collaborate. Together with our clients, together with our team, but also together with our partners. We like to involve organisations and people with supplementing expertise in our projects, this to best help our clients move forward. We look at what our clients need and involve the right people, also if that means looking outside of our organisation.

Do you see exciting opportunities to collaborate with us?

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Our partners

Witteveen en Bos

Xcess – Expertisecentrum voor webapplicaties

TRIMM – Full service internetbureau

Pluq – Presentatie en sprekercoach

Sjusjun – Illustrator

Social Force


Add some yellow

Bureau Visuele Vertalingen – Infographic specialist

Man en Paard – Coach

Orange Tulip

Studio Wim – Motion & Design