The Story Of Us

For 10 years we have been working together with our customers to let their customers achieve their goals.

GriDD consists of unique combinations. People-oriented passion and technical ingenuity. Professional sharpness and humorous collaboration. Ingenious design and creative problem solving. Meaningful impact and fun experiments. For 10 years we have been working together with our customers to let their customers achieve their goals.

Our expertise

Digital strategy

We take the business strategy as a starting point and delve into the specific meaning for the digital channels. At the same time, we dive into the specific characteristics of your client’s work. What is the context, what role does information play in this and what can your digital channels mean? This together will be converted into a strategic framework that gives you guidance for an effective digital activity.

User experience design

We examine in detail the specific situation at different customer groups, map this out in customer journeys, personas and touch points, we know how to translate these insights into strong concepts for digital environments such as portals, website and apps.

User research & validation

We use the best tools for the problem in question, ensure that the designs are tested by target groups and that there is a process of constant improvement. We translate the results into detailed improvement proposals and insightful reports so that the experience improves.

Information architecture

We collect, analyze, label and structure information so that it can contribute better to the user or organization goals. Think of taxonomies, navigation structures, product portfolios and the likes.

Storytelling for change

We understand the essence of the strategy or change ideas and set clear, accurate, storylines for this. We help to provide these stories with catchy elements so that they really touch the target group and support those involved in communicating more effectively through presentations, speeches, videos, infographics, visual business plans or sketchnotes.

Story architecture & design

We collect the puzzle pieces of the story by conducting interviews, holding a good briefing session or going through existing documents. With these puzzle pieces we construct a storyline that is both substantive and emotional. This universal storyline is then the basis for effective resources such as infographics, speeches, presentations, infographics, or cartoons.


How we do it

“As a housing architect helps you to come up with and realize a nice house, we help companies to come up with and realize information environments”. A mixture of research, design and advice.

In complicated environments this is only possible if you collaborate intensively in teams that are composed on the basis of knowledge and expertise. We share knowledge and methods in a pleasant way so that connections are created with which something really can change in the organization. Because that’s what we do it for.

The team

Bob Graat


Bram de Jongh


Diederik van de Heg


Jeroen Grit

Managing partner

Koen Terra


Mark Geljon

Managing partner

Nicky Meijer


Patrick Kerling


Robert Slagter


John Doe