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Cracking CX: What are your tips & challenges?

Cracking CX: What are your tips & challenges?

By Mark Geljon | 22/05/2020

It is GriDD’s birthday. The 12th already. Just like every year, we would like to celebrate our birthday in a way to give back to the community. This year we will take a slightly different approach: let’s all share a list of the best tips (or challenges) for a good customer experience!

What are your tips or challenges?

In the coming month, we will collect your tips for providing an excellent customer experience. We will bundle insights and good practices to share with the field. This way, anyone interested in Customer Experience can learn from it and take advantage of it! If you accept, we’d share your golden tip including your name and company name to show the tips & tricks from the industry (and to give you some personal visibility als a CX professional)

An article about the tips & challenges will be written and offered for publication on a renowned platform, and it will appear on our website. Also, we discuss them in the following podcast episode (in Dutch).

That is why we have two questions for you:

What is your golden tip in the field of CX?

What is your CX challenge?

Nice, but what’s in it for me?

If you submit a challenge, we will answer some of your challenges in an article and in our podcast. In addition, we are always very happy to spar with you about your challenge for free in a short videocall.

Submitting a tip helps to create visibility for you and your organization as CX experts, without it costing much time of effort on your part. Plus, you’ll be helping other people overcome their CX challenges, and that’s just good karma these days!

Submit your challenge or tip!

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    Job Description


    What is your golden tip for great CX?

    What is a big challenge for CX you have or see?

    I hereby give permission to use my input with my name, job decription and organisation for publication of an article/a podcast on CX.I would like to spar with a GriDD expert about CX in a free (video)call.I'd like to subscribe to the GriDD newsletter to receive CX inspiration.

    So enthusiastic that you immediately want to spar about your challenge?

    I’d be happy to have a quick chat! Switching between the big strategy and pragmatic, quick solutions is something that makes me happy. So, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Mark Geljon

    Managing partner

    Mark Geljon is an experienced story architect and entrepreneur active on the cutting edge of new developments. According to him, in order to create an impact, you need a balance between the content of the story, the techniques that convey the story and the personal connection with the speaker. In addition to running his company GriDD, Mark has coached several executives and TEDx speakers to an impactful success.

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