GriDD 11 years: celebrate with us!

GriDD is 11 years old, join the celebrations!

By GriDD | 22/05/2019

We are celebrating 11 years of GriDD today! Many years of amazing projects, great collaborations, cool training, events and experiments in the field of customer experience. 

We would like to thank you for being a part of this, which is why you’ll find two interesting give-aways in this newsletter! 

Win a free inspirational expert session with a GriDD-er!

Do you have a question, a challenge, a fun experiment or are you looking for inspiration related to customer experience strategy, research or design? Think of topics such as how to come to a good digital concept, how to put your customers first or how to share your vision within your organization.

You’re in luck because we are giving away three free inspirational 1 hour sessions an experienced expert at GriDD! We will organize a get together in which we’ll do our best to inspire you and help you out.

Only three lucky winners will be chosen who will each have their own session. Are you one of them? Sign up below and find out if you’re a winner one on June 5th!

Receive 10% off GriDD Training and Workshops using the code: gridd11

Learn how to do user research, map customer journeys, draw for effective communication or develop your storytelling skills in a GriDD Academy training!

Use the code ‘GriDD11’ in our webshop before Juli 1st, 2019 for our open enrolment training and workshops under 500 euros to receive a one time 10% discount.

Information in Dutch only unfortunately, but feel free to contact us via e-mail since we do offer training and workshops in English too. 

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