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Impactful presentations – an infographic

Are you on stage soon, to speak at a seminar or want to use your personal influence in your organisation? In other words: do you want to create impactful presentations? The approach developed by Mark Geljon (GriDD) and Wendy Rundberg (Pluq) can help you along. In a visual manner, they share their approach on how to create a presentation that makes an impact and shows you are a real storyteller.

Their article was published on the popular blog Frankwatching.com in Dutch, so in this blog post we share the main insights with you in English.

What is an impactful presentation?

Three kinds of presentation can be distinguished. All three have their advantages and characteristics. They differ in the amount of effort it takes to create them and the impact it is expect to have. It is up to you to decide which presentation suits what you want to achieve with your audience.

The infographic shows the approach to creating an impactful presentation. This is a presentation that has impact on your audience and for which your beliefs, passions and charisma are optimally used to convey your message. Your audience will feel connected to your message and it resonates because it is real and authentic. An example is a TED talk or a keynote presentation at an event.

Other types of presentations are:

  • Slidedoc presentation
    This type of presentation needs the least time to prepare and is quickly created. An example is a presentation in a team meeting or a financial update. Slides are often used as a handout after the presentation
  • Corporate presentation
    This type of presentation is aimed at creating insights and convincing your audience. It is built based on characteristics of the audience in combination with your goals and has a clear structure. An example is a presentation for a public tender or a lecture at a college. Your slides support your story visually.

How to create impactful presentations: check out the infographic!

This approach will help you determine the steps to take in order to develop your personal message and create a presentation that has an impact on your audience.

Impactful Presentations Infographic - Mark Geljon - Wendy Rundberg - EN

Impactful Presentations approach by Mark Geljon (GriDD) and Wendy Rundberg (Pluq)

Interested to learn more?

On www.impactfulpresentations.com you can find more information about the approach and vision on presentions. You are also always welcome to contact Mark or Wendy.

If you would like to learn more about storytelling, we offer training at GriDD such as Pitch Training or Training Effective Presentations. At Pluq, training and coaching is also available for instance for personal performance, personal branding or business presentations. Mark and Wendy also coach or train groups together, so just send us a message if you are interested to learn from them!

At GriDD we also regularly write about storytelling in our blog and we have create an app called Bizz Story, which helps you find the perfect storyline for your story. We are always happy to help you be more effective with information, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or remarks.