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We celebrate our birthday by giving you a new mobile app: Bizz Story!

Hurray! On May 22nd, 2017 we celebrate our 9th birthday. Like in previous years, we celebrate this with a gift to help people be more effective with information. This year our gift to you is the new mobile app Bizz Story.

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We believe in the power of storytelling. Stories help communicate information effectively, build connections between people, make an impact and foster understanding. However, we also see that not every story achieves its potential. That is why we have developed Bizz Story.

Using the right storyline can make the all the difference for your story to make an impact. Storylines are used to shape and structure elements in a story. They make creating an effective story a whole lot easier. The perfect storyline follows from your goal, the type of story you want to tell or the characteristics of your audience. By finding the perfect storyline to match your needs, Bizz Story can help you create the impactful story you want.

Download now for free (limited time!)

As a gift to the community, to celebrate GriDD’s nine great years, the app is free the first month. Take advantage of this and download now for iOS or Android.

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