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Sketchnoting at FITC Amsterdam 2017

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Visualisation is popular. More and more people are excited about handlettering, drawing and even coloring for adults. At GriDD we are convinced that visualisation helps ordening, understanding, recording and communicating information. We are all active at ‘sketchnoting’ and in this blog post we will show you how we use sketchnotes at conferences.

What is sketchnoting?

Sketchnoting is visually summarizing a story you hear, see or read. Text and drawings are combined to capture information. It is a nice and effective way to make it understandable and accessible. For yourself, and for others.

Sketchnotes at FITC Amsterdam 2017

At work, but especially at conferences, we visualize our insights in sketchnotes to process the enormous amount of information we receive.

In February we were official patron of FITC Amsterdam 2017 which meant four GriDD’ers attended to make sketchnotes. By placing visual summaries of different talks next to each other, insights of the overall conference become more clear.

In the gallery below you can view all of our sketchnotes of the talks.

Talk North Kingdom – FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Koen Terra

Talk Jared Ficklin- FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Inge Nahuis

Talk David Vogel – FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Jeroen Grit

Talk Gmunk – FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Mark Geljon

Talk Stacey Mulcahy – FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Mark Geljon

Talk Raoul Marks FITC Amsterdam 2017 – by Inge Nahuis

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Can I learn to make sketchnotes?

Of course you can. You do not have to be talented at drawing to be able to make sketchnotes. The power of a good visual summary is in how clear it is: simple drawings and text to convey the most important elements of a story.

GriDD has created an app, Bizz Draw, which provides you with a visual library and tips & tricks to learn visual notetaking and drawing at work. We also have a Bizz Draw – basics training in which we will teach you the elemental knowledge and skills involved.

Would you like to know more about sketchnoting, FITC Amsterdam 2017 or our training? Please do not hesitate to contact us.