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We have ten top tips for you!

It is our passion to help you use information more effectively. Throughout the years we have gained a lot of experience. But what are true GriDD Top Tips in the field of effective information? In this blog post ten GriDD’ers share great advice with you in a series of short videos. These videos are in Dutch. If you do not speak Dutch but are interested to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top Tip from Mark about the three elements of effective storytelling

Top Tip from Bob about the importance of prototyping

Top Tip from Thomas about actionable dashboards

Top Tip from Jeroen about the reviewing the complete client experience

Top Tip from Sanne about gaining more understanding through drawing

Top Tip from Robert about a model for effective change

Top Tip from Koen about continuing after making a small mistake

Top Tip from Marjolijn about human centered process design

Top Tip from Inge about user testing

Top Tip from Edith about the building blocks in storytelling

Bonus: Top Tips from our partners

At GriDD we like to collaborate with others. At our yearly partner event we’ve asked some of them to share their tips & tricks with us. In this video you great tips and tricks are given by Carien Franken (Bureau Visuele Vertalingen), Michel Dekkers (Nova Silva), Gerwin Koppelaar (TRIMM), Robert O’Neill (Pyramidion), Janinka Feenstra (TRIMM), Sylvester Kuiper (Meat Up), Maries Dinaux (MijnSkillPaspoort), Otto Schepers (Witteveen + Bos) and Wendy Rundberg (PLUQ). The video is in Dutch.



All of these videos can be found at our Youtube channel. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for more information, tips and tricks about effective information.