The power of visuals – Watch the video!

Visual content is one of the oldest types of content, but it is more important than ever. Images are an extremely powerful way of presenting information, much more powerful than other content types. To illustrate: 65 percent of people are visual thinkers and at least 90 percent of the information that’s transported to the brain is visual. Therefore it is not surprising that landing pages with video, result in higher conversion rates and that only 20% of the text on internet pages is being read.

At GriDD, we strongly believe in the power of visuals and therefore, we use images to present information effectively. For example, GriDD creates storylines for visual stories such as video, cartoons, infographics, slide decks, or animation that we realize together with our partners. Key to achieving the desired impact, is to stick to the rule: Content over form. In this way, visualization becomes an essential part of your content strategy.

Presentation during the Lectric Trend Event

During the Lectric Trend Event on May 10, Mark Geljon spoke about the power of visuals as a part of your content strategy. Watch this presentation in the video below.

Achieve better results by using the power of visuals

Is visualization part of your content strategy? Do want to achieve better results by using the power of visuals or do you need help with developing a good story or a visual with impact? Please contact Mark Geljon.